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Incident in a Ghostland (2018) Review

In 2008 Pascal Laugier brought Martyrs into the world of horror and blew people’s minds. Graphic and disturbing beyond belief at times the movie shocked many but proved itself more than a gratuitous blood fest with its brilliant story.Read More

Martyrs (2015) Review

First of all I must make a confession. I never managed to catch Pascal Laugier’s original 2008 movie Martyrs which had an impressive reputation. So this remake directed by brothers is my first experience of the film.Read More

Martyrs (2008)

Here’s an interesting thought, imagine if you will that Mary Whitehouse is still alive and that The Festival of Light continues to eviscerate and scarify the cinema of today. Now envisage how they would react when faced with the unequivocally disturbing Martyrs, a film to which graphic violence is integral. Like Pasolini, Peckinpah, Preminger and […]Read More