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Truth Seekers: Series 1 (2020) Review

The prospect of a new TV series co-created and staring Nick Frost and Simon Pegg is something to get me as excited as Spaced’s Mike Watt at an Army Surplus store. Throw in the fact that its a horror comedy and I am almost set to explode but the big question is, is Truth Seekers […]Read More

Class of 1999 (1990) Review

Do you remember 1999? Frankly it was a mixed year. On the one hand there was Napster, The Matrix, The Blair Witch Project and Baby One More Time. On the other there was the Kosovan war, Dr. Jack Kevorkian and mass panic about Y2K and the millennium bug. As far as the last two go […]Read More

Silent Night (2012) Review

With a fair few Christmas themed horror movies to choose from, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of titles. And as with all seasonal, novelty horrors, high quality films are hard to come by.Read More

Antiviral (2012) Review

Syd March works for the Lucas Clinic, a company that sells exclusive infections from the bodies of celebrities – a “biological communion” with the famous. Despite the Clinic’s obsessive security in ‘copy-protecting’ their products, Syd has been using his own body to smuggle new infections onto the black market.Read More