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Def-Con 4 (1985) Review

Produced by New World Pictures, the independent studio established by Roger Corman, Canuxploitation cult Sci-horror Def-Con 4 attempted to ride the wave created by post-apocalyptic obsessed audiences desperate for more Mad Max style entertainment to stave off their very real Cold War fears.Read More

0074: MAD MAX

This week the gang watch George Miller’s Mad Max, a little Australian indie flick that made a lot of money that introduced the world to Mel Gibson, so has a knock against it from the start.Read More

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) Review

I’m not sure what I expected from that. The trailer made Mad Max look completely nuts, but there had to be some kind of catch, right? They always show the best bits in the trailer, and then the rest is Jar Jar or Shia LaBeouf. Incorrect! Mad Max is just as intense as you could […]Read More

Mad Max Mad Stunt Clips

Many big Hollywood movies contain giant set pieces and stunts and it seems as the films get larger the scale of the stunts reaches insane proportions. In a Love Horror Lists we rundown some of the greatest stunts ever shown on the big screen.Read More