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Big Budget Hollywood Reboots

The superb new South Korean crime thriller THE GANGSTER THE COP THE DEVIL features a unique and ingenious premise: a serial killer stalking the city streets, unwittingly targets a notorious crime boss, who fights back and survives. The mobster teams up with a police detective in charge of the case, forming an unlikely alliance. The […]Read More

Katerina Diamond’s Top 3 Korean Noir films

The newly crowned queen of grip-lit, Katerina Diamond, is back with a new novel The Secret and we where very interested to discover that while not writing crime novels she likes nothing more than a Korean horror thriller so we asked her to share three of her favourites with us.Read More

Top 10 Horror Films of 2011

As 2011 draws to a close and we prepare for the Olympic hell that will be 2012, we here at LoveHorror would like to share with you - our bedevilled and beloved readers - our picks of the best Horror from 2011.Read More

I Saw the Devil (2011) Review

Brutal and brilliant; these two words perfectly sum up Kim Jee-Woon’s Korean revenge thriller I Saw the Devil, which is released in limited cinemas this week and then on Blu-Ray and DVD from the 9th of May.Read More