I Saw the Devil Remake Announced

Hollywood seems to be on a nonstop quest to remake every foreign movie that they can get their grubby little hands on.

So, it comes to no surprise that the acclaimed South Korean revenge film I Saw the Devil is set to be remade. The original — directed by Kim Jee-woon – is a visceral thriller that centers on an elite special agent trying to catch the serial killer who killed his pregnant fiancé. As with other Korean revenge movies, “I Saw the Devil” doesn’t hold back and is filled with obscene images, gore-filled moments and character-driven storyline that stays with you even after the credits end.

At the moment, Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard – the writing and directing team behind the well-received “The Guest” – are set to take control of the remake. Snoot Entertainment, who also released You’re Next and The Guest, is onboard the project as well.

While we are just learning about the deal now, it has apparently been in works for quite some time. In fact, Simon Barrett has already begun writing the script and Adam Wingard – who is directing the remake – has been meeting with potential actors for the film.

Will the remake do the original justice? If past Hollywood remakes of foreign films are any indication of what to expect, then the answer would be no.

You can read our interview with I Saw the Devil Lee Byung Hun here:
Lee Byung Hun Interview


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