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Six Gothic Tales Box Set

Arrow is at it again with a magnificently menacing box set comprising of six Gothic tales inspired by the pen of Edgar Allan Poe courtesy of legends Vincent Price and Roger Corman.Read More

Warlock (1989) Review

Opening in the year of our lord 1691 in the tiny new world hamlet of Boston an evil Warlock (the excellent and underappreciated Julian Sands from Gothic, Arachnophobia and The Great Elephant Escape) has been captured by witch hunter extraordinaire Giles Redferne (the equally amazing Richard E. Grant from Withnail and I, Bram Stoker’s Dracula […]Read More

Van Diemen’s Land (2009)

Van Diemen’s Land concerns the legend of Alexander Pearce, also know as ‘The Pieman’, an Irish man sent to the penal colony on Tasmania in the 1820s for theft who then escaped and was eventually caught, whereupon it was discovered that he had human bones in his pockets, having survived by eating his fellow escapees.Read More