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Terror at the Opera (1987)

Art imitates life in Dario Argento’s 1987 masterpiece, Terror at the Opera; a labyrinthine codex of biting self satire, reflexive commentary and eerie meta-tragedies. Featuring a plot which revolves around ‘The Scottish Play’, it also borrows heavily from its themes and, it would seem, the eternal myth that surrounds it. The shoot was notoriously troubled, […]Read More


Macabre (1980)

I love Italian horror and what is there not to love. Gore, guts and gratuitous nudity coupled with some crazy ideas equals a country that has produced a whole host of films both freaky and fun. Starting with the 60’s Giallo, full of psycho killers and police investigations, and moving through to the more paranormal […]Read More


Sleepless (2001)

Dario Argento is a man who needs little introduction. A master of giallo and lover of bloody violence, his more recent efforts have been criticised. However, it remains that if ‘Italian’ and ‘horror’ are mentioned in the same sentence, his name is usually at the beginning of that sentence. So, what of this re-released feature, […]Read More

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The House by the Cemetery (1981)

The House by the Cemetery tells the story of the Boyle family who move into the synonymous ‘house’ in order for the father/husband, Norman Boyle to continue the research of his recently diseased colleague. His child, Bob (we’ll dissect this bizarre munchkin a bit later) discovers some strange goings on within the house’s basement including […]Read More