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After Dusk They Come – A Lesson in Coherence

Here is the official UK DVD artwork for middling genre afterbirth, After Dusk They Come: Observe the bloodied cryptic text, the symmetrical pretty boy visage, the snarling branches, cold misty air and mysterious zombie hand reaching out from the ground, curling its fingers in a ceremonious gesture. Judging from this gaudy image it would seem […]Read More

Tony: London Serial Killer (2010)

I am of two minds regarding The National Lottery. On the one hand, it is a reprehensible exploitation of public will. Leeching off of the weak and the desperate, it promises gargantuan cash prizes that will fulfil all of our hopes and desires; fix our broken dreams and elevate our desperate existence through greater material […]Read More

Tony… Interview with Gerard Johnson

Writing for a 'Horror Movie Review' website means that, inevitably, you WILL watch an abundance of vomit. I have seen more sh**ty fright flicks than you may care to imagine. It's comforting, then, when films like <em>Tony: London Serial Killer</em> fall into your lap.Read More