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Don’t Look Back (2020) Review

Apathy is deadly. In our current violent culture where muggings, assault and even murder can happen in a crowded public place in broad daylight, standing by as a silent observer can be as bad as plunging the knife in or pulling the trigger.Read More

The Last Laugh with Nicholas Vince – Questions for the

Heckle was made after the writer/ director team had a hit with the short werewolf horror/ comedy film Blue Moon that played ScreamFest in Hollywood at the end of a successful festival run, and the creative team wanted to make a feature horror together. Voodoo films later came on as partners to bring ‘Heckle’ to […]Read More

Sacrifice (2020) Review

Emma and Isaac (Sophie Stevens and Ludovic Hughes) are an average American couple awaiting the arrival of their first child. When Isaac’s mother dies he heads to her distant homeland, a remote Norwegian island, to settle affairs and sell his long forgotten family home.Read More