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The Stylist (2020) Review

By far the most anticipated film of this years FrightFest The Stylist had a lot to live up to seeing as it is the feature length adaptation of Jill “Sixx” Gevargizian celebrated 2016 short. Having been blown away by the original mini masterpiece myself during one of the Short Film Showcases at the 2016 festival […]Read More

I See You (2019) Review

The Harper family are not alone. At least thats what it seems like when strange things start happening in their house. Pictures disappear, the TV switches on and the record player starts playing. Is it a haunting, a stalker or something far more disturbing?Read More

Miss Meadows (2014) Review

Within the first 30 seconds of Miss Meadows, we’re shown a CGI squirrel. Unless I’m watching Over the Hedge (Tim Johnson, 2006), I don’t expect to see CGI animals; there are plenty of real ones about. Anyway, this all but sets the tone for a lacklustre movie which is never quite joyful or tonally assured […]Read More

Interview with Devon Graye from 13 Sins

Brilliant new horror 13 Sins sees Mark Webber playing a man caught up in a warped reality game show where he must complete 13 gradually more nasty and insane challenges to win his way out of the debt filled life he has fallen into. The excellent Devon Graye plays Webber’s mentally impaired brother Michael a […]Read More

Dexter Season 8 Competition

Relive the final breath of the pulse pounding SHOWTIME series when DEXTER: THE COMPLETE FINAL SEASON and DEXTER: THE COMPLETE SERIES COLLECTION are released on Blu-ray Disc and DVD November 18th from Paramount Home Media Distribution. DEXTER: THE COMPLETE SERIES COLLECTION includes all eight acclaimed seasons in an ultra-collectible re-creation of the actual blood slide […]Read More

Dexter Season 7 – Finale Review

With the close of season seven Dexter has managed to claw itself back up to something approaching its old form. It also feels as if the show has reached something like a point of no return, with Deb gradually realising the gruesome extent of Dexter’s activities over the past few years.Read More