Trapdoor Terror


This mysterious contributor earned the front-page moniker of 'Trapdoor Terror' during the mid-nineties, after West Yorkshire police began discovering burlap sacks filled with severed noses and lips, teeth, hair and errant eyeballs in abandoned holiday cabin basements across the region. Nobody can be sure who the 'Trapdoor Terror' really is, or what they were really up to down in these basements, but some analysts believe they were attempting to create the perfect face. In 2015, the LoveHorror offices received a letter and a photograph of over 100 severed ears and noses. The writer stated that while they once enjoyed some notoriety as the 'Trapdoor Terror', they were a reformed character, and now preferred cutting and pasting together words rather than facial features, taking on the far less terrifying name of 'Ross Law'. We hired them immediately.

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Miss Meadows (2014) Review

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