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The Ultimate Festive TV Binge

What’s the best thing about Christmas – the anticipation of opening your presents; Christmas dinner; the endless supply of sweets and treats; spending time with loved ones? Or is it the fact that it’s time for the best TV series to show their Christmas episode? Probably the latter!Read More


Although Halloween is a religious festival believed to have pagan roots, in the US it is an excuse for children, and adults, to dress as their favourite film or TV characters, and eat sweets, play pranks, and in the case of the older participants, have a hell of a party.Read More

The Walking Dead – Season 1 (2010) Review

It is safe to say that TV horror has finally made it to the mainstream. After the immense popularity of series such as The X-Files, Buffy and Angel in the 90’s and 00’s TV networks saw the potential of projects which may not have originally made it onto our televisions, leading to an influx of […]Read More