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Split Second (1992) Review

The year is 2008 and London has become a water filled nightmare. As global warming raises the level of the Thames, whole areas of the city are flooded. Smog hangs in the air, rats infest everything and the plague has returned causing chaos and confusion among the remaining populace.Read More


Director Bong Joon-Ho earned universal acclaim and cinema’s highest awards, including a historic Best Picture Oscar, for his recent study of class inequality, Parasite. However, his searing 2019 film wasn’t the first time he’d tackled such subjects. Back in 2013 Snowpiercer explored similar themes, incorporating a desperate social uprising into an explosive future-set sci-fi thriller.Read More

Back to Black: The Grifters and Six of the Best

Stark cinematography, a stifling atmosphere of corruption and murder most foul: film noir is one of the most iconic genres of film to emerge in the history of cinema. Its enduring images of shady criminals in shadowy rooms has influenced countless films since its heyday in the 1940s, but none more so than the plethora […]Read More

100 Pages of Horror – Ghost in the Shell By

Having been a huge fan of anime when it was launched on the unsuspecting United Kingdom in the early 90’s by Manga Entertainment I spent my teenage years watching bike chasses through Neo-Tokyo, head exploding fist fights and tentacles going places they really shouldn’t go. The one film I never saw during this heady period […]Read More

Coolest Movie Firearms

People don’t kill people, guns do! Or is it the other way round? Either way, firearms hold us in a grip of morbid fascination, and filmmakers have never shied away from feeding our appetite for destruction.Read More


Cyborgs, androids, maschinenmensch – call them what you like – despite being born from the loftiest human ambition they often end up tainted by base human instinct. Whether their purpose is purely functionary, or to destroy through seduction, sexualised robots have been something of a staple in science fiction literature and film for over 100 […]Read More