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Sacrifice (2020) Review

Emma and Isaac (Sophie Stevens and Ludovic Hughes) are an average American couple awaiting the arrival of their first child. When Isaac’s mother dies he heads to her distant homeland, a remote Norwegian island, to settle affairs and sell his long forgotten family home.Read More

Reborn (2018) Review

In a hospital morgue, a stillborn baby girl is brought back to life by a sudden power surge. The attendant on duty, whom we can charitably describe as “oddball”, takes the thought-to-be-deceased child and raises her with the help of his mother. Flash forward to her sixteenth birthday, when a family feud escalates far more […]Read More


Genre sales specialist Jinga Films has closed a US distribution deal in Cannes with Vertical Entertainment for Julian Richards electro-kinetic meta-horror REBORN. Vertical is planning to theatrically release REBORN in at least 10 markets including New York and Los Angeles, concurrently with premium placement on all VOD platforms and Home Video outlets.Read More

Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich (2018) Review

Back in the day Puppet Master was a movie me and my friends loved to watch again and again. The original 1989 movie written by the cult creature Charles Band and Kenneth J. Hall, and directed by David Schmoeller who also made the terrifying Tourist Trap, was a gore-tastic horror featuring crazy killer puppets each […]Read More

Cult of Terror (2018) Review

Who says being scared can’t equate to having a good time? Argentinian Documentary filmmaker, Gustavo Mendoza explores the global fascination for the morbid and the macabre in this fantastically assembled film told through the genre festival circuit. Speaking to some of the most established names in horror, Mendoza investigates what is it that draws us […]Read More