Skull: The Mask (2020) Review

Skull: The Mask

When an ancient skull mask is uncovered in the Amazon jungle and transported to Sao Paulo, it quickly takes possession of a man (Rurik Jr.) transforming him into the near-indestructible killer Skull.
Now it is up to Detective Beatriz Obdias (Natallia Rodrigues) and a guerilla fighter Marco (Wilton Andrade) to stop the mask before it can cause the world to descend into darkness.

Written and directed by Armando Fonseca and Kapel Furman, Skull: The Mask is an interesting take on the slasher sub-genre that while enjoyable, sometimes feels as if it falls short of its lofty ambitions.

Skull: The Mask 2020

The hints of this can be seen the most in the cinematography by Andre Sigwalt and original score by Fernando Arruda. Sigwalt’s shot composition gives the film a look more reminiscent of the ‘gritty cop thriller’ than typical slasher film and this coupled with Arruda’s fantastic original score creates a tension-filled experience throughout.

It also helps that the performances across the cast are great with the three lead actors all delivering quality work.

The titular slasher is thankfully outstanding and a welcome addition to the subgenre’s rogues gallery. The practical effects used to bring his work to the screen here are phenomenal with the death scenes never disappointing and always offering up at least one exclamations of joy from this viewer.

Skull: The Mask 2020

On the dull side of the blade, I did have some issues with the sound design. There were a handful of moments where it felt as if there were parts missing from the sound mix and it felt less of a deliberate artistic choice and more of a mistake or budgetary shortcoming.

In the end, I thoroughly enjoyed Skull: The Mask. It’s a brutal action horror story equal parts splatter fest and cop drama while also a testament to the value in international independent horror film making. Now… Let’s see Jason Vs Skull.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ★ ☆ 



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