Bastard (2015) Review

Although billed as a throwback to the slashers of the 80’s glory days, Bastard is certainly more complex than it appears on the surface.

We start by meeting Hannah (Ellis Greer) and West bastard-cover(Dan Creed) whose car has broken down and are hitchhiking for a ride, but what the driver of the car doesn’t know is that they’re also a pair of serial killers.

And this is where things get a bit more complicated as they alongside another couple they pick up on the highway, are recommended a hotel to stay at for the night just up the mountain.

But when the Manager Rachael (Tonya Kay) warns them to stay away from the tall man who has a recurring booking, you know something is a foot.

Bastard thrives the most when its not sticking to the set rules of the slasher genre, as it becomes almost multiple stories in one. We also spend enough time with the characters to invest in them, so when the twists come and there are a handful, we actually care about their fates.

Bastard horror film 2015

Even the serial killers, which in itself is an achievement.

When the blood starts to flow though, Bastard doesn’t slow down, offering a big pay off with the finale. But don’t forget there’s still time for one more twist…

Bastard movie Bastard film

Bastard is very unique in a genre that can thrive on repetition.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ★ ☆ 



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