Closed Circuit Extreme (2012) Review

Francesca Pardi mysteriously disappears into thin air. Two of her friends are convinced that the seemingly friendly and harmless David De Santis is involved in her disappearance.

The judge following the case is not convinced and so our Closed Circuit Extreme dvd boxtwo friends take it upon themselves to install CCTV equipment in De Santis’ home, hoping they can use the evidence to finally convict him with whatever crimes he has committed against their friend. Obviously there is a risk of getting caught when breaking into a person’s property, but our two friends don’t seem to be that bothered and just walk around the house almost as if they own the place.

Prime suspect David returns home and is looking for a nanny for his son “Luca”. Contacting an agency, he asks if he can be sent someone young as they will be cheaper to hire – more like you want someone young to torture and make your sex slave, you pervert!

Katia is the first person to be sent by the agency and she asks to see Luca. When David says that Luca is with his wife, things seem suspicious and smelling a rat, Katia decides to leave, making her excuses and escaping before David has had time to whip out some handcuffs and whatever else it is that he wants to use.

David then hires a masseuse, who just happens to offer extras rather than massages. Having a bit of fun with her, David seems to like her, and so she is allowed to go on her merry way. See kids, prostitution does have some benefits after all.

Closed circuit extreme film horror
Is it on?

At this point, nearly an hour into the film, I had the realisation that I was witnessing the most utter pile of dog poo I had ever been made to witness. The expression never judge a book by it’s cover comes to mind, as when you look at the DVD cover, the film looks positively entertaining. Anyway, I’m sure the last 30 minutes can’t be as bad… Can they?

The two friends continue to visit the house, checking how much memory is left on the hard drive used for capturing the CCTV footage. It soon becomes apparent that they have to persist, otherwise they’ll never catch David carrying out his evil crimes.

David meets another nanny sent by the agency and this time he feels like his lottery numbers have come up. She’s just the right age for him and is easy on the eye. Well done David, now you can rape, torture and murder her. He basically does that. Way to go. How exciting!

Will our two friends manage to catch David in the act? Will you fall asleep watching what could possibly be the biggest turd ever created in the history of humankind? Well, you’ll have to watch the DVD to find out (unfortunately)…

Closed Circuit extreme film horror
Guess who’s locked in the cellar…

Would I recommend buying this DVD?
In a word, no. I would rather gouge my eyes out with a hot poker whilst listening to Nicki Minaj.

If anyone could be sued for a misleading film title, Closed Circuit Extreme could well be eligible. If your idea of ‘extreme’ is waiting for nearly an hour before anything remotely interesting happens, then this is the DVD for you.
Copious amounts of pointless angles and silly effects like displaying the names of characters won’t disguise the fact that this film is 10 out of 10 On the boredom scale. You wouldn’t even sit your worst enemy through this film, it’s that bad.
I normally have at least one good thing to say about a film, but sadly on this occasion I can’t think of one.
Director Giorgio Amato needs to look at this film and learn from his mistakes. One mistake in particular being that the film is about 1 hour 20 minutes too long. It could possibly have worked as a short, but it would have had to have been really short.
Sorry Giorgio, better luck next time mate!

Movie Rating: ½☆☆☆☆ 

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