Backslasher (2012) Review

A killer is stalking young people through a social networking site. Well in this film, Backslasher, they are.

When blogaholic Becca starts selling lingerie and sex toys online, backslasher 2012 dvd cover horrorshe thinks she’s got it made. With thousands of contacts already in her online ‘friends list’, and with her best buddy Ruby managing girls at an adult TV channel, she figures she’ll have plenty of customers.

But when a slew of seemingly unconnected killings take place, the police get suspicious as their only connection is Becca’s online ‘friends list’. As Becca’s gorgeous glamour model friends, and even sleazier customers, start adding their bodies to the pile, Becca becomes the prime suspect.
But she’s not the murderer. A homicidal maniac is having a killing spree, adding each victim as a friend before mercilessly torturing and murdering them. When Becca finally makes the connection and uncovers the chilling secret surrounding Backslasher, will she be too late to save herself?

Becca clearly adores the internet and the opportunity that it provides her to promote her product. She dumped her boyfriend John, but has now realised that she is in love with him. If only that was her only problem…
When she visits “Jessica” to do what appears to be a lingerie and sex toy party, her host has apparently gone out. Strangely enough, Jessica’s husband is keen for Becca to stay when clearly Becca wants to leave. He propositions her and asks that she wears the lingerie that she is selling and to have sex with him. Clearly frightened by this prospect, she escapes, leaving all her stock behind.
She drives home and hopes that she can relax by having a nice hot shower. Problem is, someone has Becca’s keys and has let themselves in her flat.
Does Becca know who the mysterious stalker is?
Is it Lily, her disgruntled employee?
Or is it even her own boyfriend?

backslasher horror film 2012
That’s it, wash away the murder and terror.

As Becca is soon the prime suspect for the killings (due to the fact that all the victims are either on her friends list or she has been associated with them in some way) does that mean that she is the killer? Has she somehow manifested a serial killer in her mind, purely to carry out acts of depravity and torture on those she feels threatened and hurt by? Well, you’ll have to watch the DVD to find out.

When I received the screener I wasn’t really expecting much. Thankfully though, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of what is in all essentials a low budget slasher movie.
The main factors appear to be the great direction from Tim Cowles and the advantage of having Jason Impey as director of photography. Jason is also excellent in his acting capacity – as the silent killer, Backslasher, and manages to project a sense of fear and foreboding without saying a word. Well done that man.
Eleanor James as Becca is not only very pleasing to the eye (with or without clothes), but she also manages to pull off a convincing performance as a confused victim that is caught in the middle of something horrible.
The other cast members also commit to some great acting, and this is nice to see.

backslasher 2012 horror movie
Dead tired? Or just plain dead?

The only down side I found was that the reasoning behind the Backslasher’s killings isn’t explored enough during the course of the film. This would have allowed for more depth to the story as a whole, and without this element we’re left with a film that at times is only about relationships and is basically an excuse for the young cast to show off their semi-naked bodies (Which isn’t a bad thing I suppose, if you’re a slasher like myself).

As for extras, Backslasher is currently available as a downloadable film only in the U.K. with the following items:

  • Backslasher (DRM free)
  • HD Trailer (download now)
  • HD deleted scene / HD extended scene

If you live in the U.S. you can purchase the DVD direct from This is also region 0 so can be played on UK DVD players.

I would recommend the film to anyone who loves slasher films and looking at ladies in sexy lingerie. That is basically what you’re going to get…

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ½ ☆ 



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