Tape Me Reel 1 (2011) Review

Tape me reel 1FACELESS is a serial killer who delights in stalking, torturing and murdering his victims, whilst videoing them for his own sick pleasures.
When he has targeted new victims he then sends them his previous film. They are unaware of his intentions and can only look on shocked as they witness murder and torture in front of their very eyes!

Our tale begins with Trevor who is being a very naughty boy indeed. Not satisfied with having one gorgeous girlfriend Jayah, he is seeing his mistress Vanessa whilst Jayah is at work. Trevor and Vanessa are sitting down to what they believe is Vanessa’s audition tape (Audition tape as in sex tape I am led to believe), but unbeknownst to them, Faceless has switched it with his sick film and Trevor and Vanessa are about to embark on a journey into their deepest and darkest nightmares.

Trevor and Vanessa watch the tape only to find that it shows several individuals being tortured and brutally murdered by a Faceless killer in a mask. Understandably disgusted, Vanessa is not happy with Trevor and leaves the room they’re in. Upon hearing her screams, Trevor goes to investigate. This is possibly the biggest mistake he has ever made in his life, as he and Vanessa wake up in the midst of Faceless’ latest game and appear to be his next victims…

Tape Me reel 1

Director and Writer Christopher Eric Outridge presents Tape Me: Reel 1, the first film in the Tape Me series. Reel 1 is a great introduction to someone who could become another horror icon, Faceless. What are his motivations? We cannot determine whether he is effected mentally or emotionally by the torment of his victims as his expressions are hidden behind his mask. There is no speech from Faceless so it is great to see Faceless’ gestures as he coaxes his victims to choose between themselves who is going to be his next victim!

tape me reel 1

There is great acting from Damien Colletti as Trevor, Kailn Adalina as Jayah and Vanessa Bontea as Vanessa. Also, featuring the work of director of photography Jacob Osborn and the Make up and visual effects of Aileen “Margie” Salerno. Featuring the hit song “CAPTURE” by the band PRETTY BULLSHIT (www.prettybullshit.bandcamp.com) as the series theme song. I was genuinely convinced of the fear emanating from all victims as Faceless plays his games and genuinely concerned as to their fates.
It is nice to actually watch a 10 minute film which genuinely keeps you interested and wanting to see what happens in the next reel.

If you would like to keep updated on the Tape Me series, and to also contribute to helping fund Tape Me in order for it to be turned into a feature film then visit the following:
http://tapemethemovie.com and http://www.facebook.com/pages/TAPE-ME/283209878367835 and http://www.indiegogo.com/TAPE-ME-the-movie?c=activity&a=263850&i=addr

Movie Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Watch the film here:


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