The Tortured (2010)

the tortured Slapped straight on the sleeve of this DVD reads a marketing sticker stating that this film is “From
the producers of SAW.”
Expect exactly what you are thinking when watching this film.

The affliction and the gore roll along to expose the twist you’ve been expecting in a definite SAW-time-jump-the tortured cover
montage-thing… You also won’t get much more from this than what the synopsis says on the back.
I’m finding writing this review torturous.

Meet Craig and Elise, a young married couple with steady professions and a nice home. There idyllic
world is shattered when their six year old boy, Benjamin, is kidnapped by a disturbed paedophile
and soon after found dead by the police which leaves them both devastated. Benjamin’s killer is
quickly found and prosecuted. He’s convicted and sent to prison for twenty years which doesn’t
settle with Craig and Elise. They refuse to see him eventually walk a free man so they devise a plan
to kidnap him during a prison transfer and hide him away in an isolated location and go about
exerting their revenge on the man who killed their son.

We end up going all over the place with the narrative, for the first half we keep going back and forth
to the delightful times of the couple and their child, just too really, really, really, really run home
the fact that they loved their child. This needs to be done to help justify the second part of the
film –allowing the audience to watch the couple perform vengeance in the form of bloody torture.
However, Lieberman (Whose work has been mainly in TV and notably ‘Dexter’) has missed a mark
here casting Jesse Metcalfe (Craig) and Erika Christensen (Elise) as the couple, they really do not
suite the roles of violent score settlers.

the tortured the tortured

John Kozlowski, the paedophile killer, played by Bill Moseley is a murderous mix of Krueger and Buffalo Bill but doesn’t receive enough screen time to form a
truly horrible man. These characters aren’t helped out by the script and its situations which are
riddled with more clichés than Valentine’s Day. That was a poor simile… The determination of the
cast to deliver a serious performance is hard to watch, on the other hand the films key scene is its
title, the torture scene. Craig delivers a brutal torture to the man, using his knowledge as a doctor to
administer the torment. Now there a few blows which might make you cringe but if you’re a fan of
horror, and/or torture porn (which this is poor excuse at being) then you’ll be a little disappointed.

the tortured

Overall, The Tortured is just another mechanical horror which has clearly been produced in the
same idea as its other money making films, SAW. It’s a low contender in the torture porn genre
lacking in pretty much everything that defines the genre. However, if you’re a diehard fan of the
SAW franchise and torture porn is your thing then pick it up from blockbusters or a borrow it from a
gullible friend who bought it.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ☆ ☆ ☆ 

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