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The Final (2010) Review

In many ways The Final is a modern low-budget horror film with a difference. It doesn’t follow the more well-trodden narrative tropes of the high school slasher movie. There are no teenage tv stars or veteran character actors in the cast, no pointless sex scenes or terrified women running around in their underwear. It also […]Read More

Psycho Psychological

Funny Games U.S. (2007)

Foreign language film is a dirty word to the American movie industry. Perhaps Hollywood hates subtitles, is outraged by accents or disgusted by literacy. Whatever the reason it belligerently believes the audience has an all mighty aversion to the helpful translating type which makes our eyes bilingual even if our ears are not.Read More


Invitation Only (2009)

Imagine getting an invite to an exclusive party hosted by a mysterious millionaire, full of gambling and girls and where the rich and famous partied and your wildest dream would come true. You’d be a fool not to go? Unless of course, this was the plot of a horror film and, well, then you would […]Read More

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Borderland (2007)

Hostel, Saw, The Devils Rejects and now Borderland – all examples of the (relatively) new wave of torture horror, known to some as ‘Torture Porn’. It’s a strange genre, if you can call it that. most of the horror being in the drawn-out, gruesome suffering of the characters on screen before us. It’s horrible alright, […]Read More