Rupture (2016) Review


Everyone is scared of something. Everyone hides an irrational terror deep inside them that emerges uncontrollably when they are faced with what they fear the most. Now imagine if a group of people kidnapped you and took you to a place where you had to face that fear over and over and over again and you had no idea why. Welcome to Rupture.

Noomi Rapace plays Renee and she like so many other people is afraid of spiders. Renee is a normal mum balancing her work with raising her kid and avoiding fighting with her boy’s father who she is now separated from.


On a day like any other after dropping her child off Renee is abducted by a mysterious set of strangers who tell her nothing about why she is being taken or where she is going. Finding herself in a weird medical facility she is chained to a bed and visited by the several of her captors who examine her but refuse to explain what is going on.6

And then the tests begin. Injected with an unknown serum the amassed observers put Renee through her worst nightmares as she is subjected to several scenarios all involving spiders and all absolutely petrifying to her. Pushing her further and further with each trial it seems Renee must conquer not only her arachnophobia but also the twisted torturers who will not stop till they get what they want, whatever that is.

Directed and co-written by Steven Shainberg most famous for his BDSM love story Secretary Rupture is a movie best watched with little or no idea of its story building as it does as a straightforward abduction horror and then spinning off entirely into another direction by the end.

Reminiscent of Martyrs in many ways the film takes the terrifying concept of Room 101 from George Orwell’s 1984 to another level with the facility Renee is captured in filled with other individuals all facing their worst phobias and fears repetitively a horrifying idea that the movie brutally and brilliantly brings to life.



Deliberately vague and cryptic from the start the movie creates confusion submerging the viewer in the chaotic and claustrophobic confines of Renee’s chamber plunging them into the sense of hopelessness and despair she feels at being taken away from her life without rhyme or reason except for the perverted procedures she perpetually endures.4

Although Rupture could be written off as simple torture porn there is more to it and at its core is a tale of survival at all costs both personal and in a much bigger sense. The cast help elevate the film with some great supporting roles from Michael Chiklis, Lesley Manville, Kerry Bishé and the always evil Peter Stormare.

Noomi Rapace is excellent at the center of it all and we truly feel for her as she faces each increasingly more disturbing and terrible experiment all of which are guaranteed to freak the fuck out of anyone with a fear of spiders and perhaps even cause a phobia in some that don’t.

A truly chilling horror that gets right under your skin Rupture is well worth watching being that it is equal parts intriguing and unsettling especially when you can imagine yourself in the heroines sickeningly scary situation forced to experience your worst fear over and over again.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ½ ☆ 



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