Community (2012) Review

The Draymen Estate has become an urban legend. Amongst the sinister stories of strange locals and brutal violence, people have gone missing there.
Two student filmmakers visit the estate in the hope their documentary will land them a lucrative career. Within minutes they are introduced to a skinned dog in a shallow grave.

They quickly discover that behind the awkward smiles, the adults community 2012 horror coverappear to be on drugs whilst the children roam wildly. Further proof that this estate is a breeding ground for the darker side of society -a society which is about to present the student’s with material of unimaginable horror, turning their final project into their darkest nightmare.

Isabelle and Will, the two student film makers, travel to the Draymen Estate to film a documentary with Mr.Loman. Being students with limited finances they travel by bus and when leaving the bus ask the driver when the last bus is. 4pm he says! 4pm! I thought Essex was bad with their 7pm buses but this is taking the absolute biscuit! Anyway (taking a sharp intake of breath), it’s not long before they encounter the estate, which is strewn with rubbish. An ideal opportunity to film urban life they decide. It’s whilst filming that they encounter some children (who appear to have not bathed for about 4 weeks!), who say they will show them something great to film. What, like the ghetto fabulous surroundings innit? (Very funny C&T now carry on with the review!)

Isabelle and Will are taken into the woods and then introduced to something which will more than likely upset anyone who is an animal lover, so I am not going to go in to too much detail and would instead ask you to watch the film to find out (Sorry folks!). I would normally obtain sick pleasure from the torture of young nubile girls, but when it comes to animals, C&T no likey!

community jason ford 2012 film

During the course of Community we learn that Isabelle has a secret agenda, one that involves finding something valuable to her ex-boyfriend. And it’s Something that will draw her and Will to locate it in the local community centre. What is this valuable item and how is it effecting the residents of The Draymen Estate?
As per usual, you’ll have to rent or purchase the DVD to find out…

Director Jason Ford achieves a considerable amount on what appears to be a somewhat miniscule budget. If I had to compare Community to any horror film, I would liken it to a mash up of Children of the Corn and Kidulthood.
Jason Ford has managed to capture perfectly on film the sad environment that a lot of children live in, in today’s society. We live in a society prevalent with drug use and society itself has become anaesthetised to this as though it is something that is a part of life itself. What Community achieves is to transfer this environment to the horror genre, and does this with some aplomb.
There are scenes which will genuinely disturb you and make you wonder whether people are living such a life behind closed dooors. It’s a frightening fact, but there are areas in London which are like The Draymen Estate. In all essence there are horrific acts taking place on screen, but some may find even the non horrific acts in the film horrific in a moral sense.

I have to commend the performances from Jemma Dallender as Isabelle and Elliott Jordan as Will, who both act very convincingly and put in great performances when required. I also have to highly commend the performance of the rest of the young cast who genuinely convince you that they are naive and unfazed by the acts they perform, and are unaware of the horrors happening around them.

Community 2012 horror movie
This is no time for a game of hide and seek.

When I first received my screener in the post I looked at the title ‘Community’ and thought ‘I suppose this is going to be one of those low budget, cheap looking movies which tries to be something it isn’t!’
I couldn’t have been more wrong.
Community is low budget, and the effects it uses are non cgi, which is very refreshing in a world full of Michael Bayalites. This however does not detract from the fact that it is in all effects a pretty blood amazing horror movie.
There is gore, dope and more.
I am actually ecstatic that there aren’t any zombies to be seen for once as I think I’ve had my fill of those now. If I had to choose Community’s target audience it would be to people who love their horror mixed with a little urban and dope taking stylee!

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ½ ☆ 



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