Circus of the Dead (2014) Review

Do you like clowns? I like clowns, but a lot of people are freaking scared out of their wits when confronted by a bunch of clowns making fools out of themselves at a circus.

But dressing as a clown is still circus of the dead coverbetter than wearing other people’s skin though I guess.

Anyway, back on with the review of Circus of the Dead. The synopsis sounds quite straight forward:
Family man Don’s visit to an old, run down Big Top circus and chance encounter with a nihilistic group of clowns leaves him fighting for his life and the lives of those he loves. And as Don becomes drawn deeper into lead clown Papa Corn’s games, he comes closer to the edge of reason and sanity. Armed with guns, knives and a ’68 Camaro, the clowns lead Don on an all-night crime spree through oil soaked West Texas. Papa Corn’s wild ride brings blood, gore and mayhem to all he encounters.

Before I continue the screener on my blood soaked laptop, my mind wanders and I hear those strange voices again. The voices that ask be questions. Questions you and I know we need answers for…
1. Will Don live to see another day? 2. Will Don save the lives of the ones he loves, or will he be doomed to fail in a pit of boiling despair and loneliness? 3. What is Papa Corn hiding in his trousers? 4. Who is that voice in my head? (Shut up in there!).

circus of the dead horror movie

As the film begins we are presented with a vision of all American goodness, husband Donald, his wife Tiffany and his two adorable daughters Alyssa and Hilary. Life couldn’t be more perfect for Donald. Well in the eyes of his wife Tiffany anyway. The family all decide to go to the circus and this is where Donald is drawn into the world of lead clown Papa Corn and his motley crew of clowns.
My definition of motley crew however differs from the norm, as these are by no means freedom fighters. No sir, more like evil bastards. Donald is then the lucky winner of what can only be described as a clown lottery. Yes, a clown lottery! It is at this point that Donald provides his home address and we veer off in to what can only be described as a living nightmare. I would love to describe what takes place on this roller coaster ride, but that would be spoiling it for you and you would never want to go out and purchase the DVD when it’s released in the shops and on line would you? All I can say is, if you’re easily shocked then you should definitely not check this film out, as it is probably going to shock those whose morals are good and pure. Yes, it is one sick puppy indeed!

Circus Of The Dead is probably the best film I have reviewed in many years. I was captivated by it’s story line and kept on the edge of my seat, watching murderous mayhem, mind games and out and out grossness appear before my delicate eyes. I found myself sympathetic to Donald, as his world unfolded before his very eyes, barely believing the depravity and sheer cruelty he has to witness and be a part of. To say that life plays cruel tricks on us is an understatement and I am going to be honest when I say that those with a weak stomach should not watch this movie. Also those who don’t like seeing pain inflicted on others and who don’t wish to go beyond the boundaries of common decency should steer clear too! You have been warned!!!

circus of the dead horror film 2014

Writers Billy Pon and Lee Ankrum are probably two of the most disturbed minds in the horror world right now and I honestly can’t wait to see what they come up with next. Their vision of horror is refreshing in a world overloaded with zombies and I feel grateful to have been given the opportunity to view this screener before any DVD release.
It’s reception on the festival circuit alone speaks volumes and it is receiving great receptions wherever it is played. Director Billy Pon has created a horror masterpiece in my opinion and if what we are promised after the credits roll comes to life, then I will be one happy psychopath!
There are some great scene locations in the circus big top, the cinema and the petrol stations and these are used to their full potential. It is amazing how such locations could have been made so vast and yet so secluded at the same time.

I would recommend this film to any one who loves to be grossed out by what appears on screen and whose idea of fun is seeing people bound, drugged and murdered. If you are of a sick depraved mind, then this is indeed the film for you.

Movie Rating: ★★★★½ 



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