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IT (2017) Review

Delivering amazing performances and a frenzy of frights, Andy Mushietti’s much anticipated adaptation of Stephen King’s horror opus finally hits the big screen and proves it can float to the top of this year’s list of must-see movies.Read More

Clown (2014) Review

Clown is a nightmarish fable from John Watts (The Fuzz) that tells the tale of a loving father named Kent (Andy Powers) who undergoes a drastic and terrifying transformation when the ambiguous clown suit he donnes for his son’s 10th birthday becomes irremovable!Read More

Stitches (2012) Review

I was scared that we were going to miss the opportunity to cover Stitches. It was one of those situations when it felt like everything was stacked against us ever reviewing it.Read More

The Task (2010) Review

Something diabolical is taking place on the set of “The Task” – a new reality show in which players complete terrifying missions within the confines of an abandoned prison hoping to win a hefty cash prize.Read More