Death Has Blue Eyes (1976) Review

Written and directed by Nico Mastorakis Death Has Blue Eyes is a crazed grindhouse take on the psychic thriller genre that is sure to entertain horror fans with a tongue in cheek taste for cult classics.

Following Bob Kovalski (Peter Winter) “American citizen born in England, served in Vietnam” and his best buddy Ches Gilford (Chris Nomikos) “Part time lover, part time racing driver and karate expert” the ridiculous plot sees the pair arriving in Athens and getting unwittingly caught up in a assassination attempt.

Bob a con man who has already stolen someones identity on the plane over to Greece is looking forward to a holiday shagging and scamming with his fellow felon Ches when the pair become unstuck in an attempt to score a free meal. The people they are charging the food to turn out to be sitting next to them however the mother and daughter also turn out to be more understanding than anyone expected.

It seems wealthy Geraldine Steinwetz (Toxic Avenger star Jessica Dublin) and her young and glamorous daughter Christine (Maria Aliferi) need the dodgy duo to help them out of a very dangerous situation and using Christine’s psychic powers the ladies blackmail the crooked bachelor’s to become their bodyguards.

Unsure what they have gotten themselves into Ches and Bob are pursued by motorcycle hitmen, shot at by snipers and hunted relentlessly by mercenaries all of whom seem to want Christine dead. However as the story unfolds the cheeky chappies uncover a huge international conspiracy that threatens to cause far more damage than they could ever imagine.

Mastorakis debut movie Death Has Blue Eyes is packed with sex, scams and stupidity all in a story that plays out as if it was based on a teenage boy’s wet dream. Filled with car chases, sex scenes, martial arts and spy stuff alongside a barely believable does of supernatural powers the whole movie feels like a low budget softcore porn remake of Scanners.

Ches and Bob are extremely unlikable from the start using all those around them and treating the world as if it owes them a living. A rent boy and a common criminal their blatant disregard for everyone and everything makes it hard to root for them or even care however by the end we do discover these users are being used themselves with a last minute twist.

Arrow’s brand new restoration from the original camera negative, approved by the director has a slew of extras including exclusive new interview featurette with Nico Mastorakis, actress Maria Aliferi, tracks from the groovy original soundtrack and much more.

Feeling like a low grade Giallo with a paranormal political thriller plot bolted on top Death Has Blue Eyes is at least entertaining in parts and if you can ignore the sexism, misogyny, over the top machismo and extremely dated attitudes its a bawdy barmy romp that fans of cult trash will probably adore.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ☆ ☆ ☆ 



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