Horror Channel October Highlights

Horror Channel’s film highlights for October include the UK TV premieres of two outstanding supernatural thrillers: THE GATHERING, starring Christina Ricci, and the haunting LOVELY MOLLY, from Blair Witch co-director.

Fri 3 October @ 23:00 – THE GATHERING (2003) *UK TV Premiereimage003
Directed by Brian Gilbert (Wilde), this supernatural thriller stars Christina Ricci as Cassie Grant, an American traveller who suffers amnesia when hit by a car.. After accepting sanctuary from the family of the car that hit her, Cassie starts hallucinating that terrifying strangers are following her. Is it concussion or second sight? And what do her frightening visions have to do with an ancient church? A riveting performance by Ricci is supported by a stellar cast including Ioan Gruffud, Stephen Dillane and Kerry Fox.

Fri 24 October @ 22:55 – LOVELY MOLLY (2011) *UK TV Premiere
Lovely Molly is the story of a young married couple, Molly (Gretchen Lodge and Tim (Johnny Lewis), who go to live in Molly’s childhood home. Tim works away from home and Molly is forced to spend large amounts of time alone at the house – it soon becomes apparent that she is a disturbed young woman. With a history of drug abuse and mental health problems, as well as an abusive father and dead mother, Molly soon begins to exhibit disturbing behaviour. Is she heading for another break down, or are sinister supernatural forces at work?

image004Plus there are daytime network premieres of three PLANET OF THE APES TV movies from 1981 – BACK TO THE PLANET OF THE APES (Wed 15th, 16:20), FORGOTTEN CITY OF THE PLANET OF THE APES (Wed 22nd, 16:20) and TREACHERY AND GREED ON THE PLANET OF THE APES (Wed 29th, 16:20).

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