Basket Case 3 (1992) Review

Basket Case 3The finale to the Basket Case trilogy opens with the end of part two, showing perhaps the most crazy and deranged scenes of the whole movie all over again.

Here we watch an energetic excessive bout of monster sex while Duane (Kevin Van Hentenryck) is finally pushed over the edge after throwing his would-be-girlfriend out of a window.

Months later and Granny Ruth (Annie Ross) has been keeping Duane in a padded cell, away from the other friendly freaks she houses in her home away from harm and the judgment of the outside world.

Seemingly better, Duane is released just in time to find out that he is to become an uncle as Belial’s babies are about to be born. Realising that they are in no way equipped to handle such a strange and unconventional pregnancy, Granny Ruth decides to gather everyone together for a road trip to seek the help of Uncle Hal (Dan Biggers) and his very special son Little Hal (Jim O’Doherty), both of whom live in the deep south.

Basket Case 3

With more freaks, baby Belials and a whole ton of mayhem and madness, Frank Henenlotter ups the comedy and chaos in Basket Case 3, revelling in the gore and horror while keeping the entertainment level high.Basket Case 3

Made on a bigger budget than the first two films, the effects and make up are much better with some much more ambitious ideas throughout. This includes the gigantic, six armed Little Hal who is a hilarious if sadly underused character. And then there’s the crazy machines including the robotic killing device Little Hal makes for Belial that he wields to great effect in the film’s finale.

Both the storyline and the social commentary are much thinner in Basket Case 3. However this is replaced by more laughs and more craziness, which in a series like Basket Case, is no bad thing.

Hentenryck and Ross reprise their roles well, both upping the craziness and (as already mentioned) Jim O’Doherty is great as Little Hal with the rest of the cast made up of Deep South stereotypes from the dumb county cops to the even dumber rednecks.

With a heavy dose of horror and comedy, Basket Case 3 may not be the best movie of the three but serves as a great climax to the Basket Case trilogy. And ending as it does leaves you wanting even more.

Basket Case 3 Basket Case 3

A ‘must buy’ for all horror fans, the Basket Case Trilogy is a great set of fun and gore filled monster madness. And after our interview with Henenlotter, who has an idea for a fourth part, who knows perhaps one day soon we will see the return of Duane and Belial.

The Basket Case Trilogy is out now. You can check out our amazing Basket Case interviews, starting with director Frank Henenlotter right here.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ☆ ☆ 

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