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As award winning post apocalypse thriller I AM TOXIC is released this February we had a chat to lead actor Sergio Podeley about his favorite scary movie.

In a world destroyed by biological warfare a man wakes in a pile of decomposed bodies with no memory of his previous life. Taken prisoner by scavengers, he meets a young woman who helps him discover his true identity.

I AM TOXIC received its World premiere at the prestigious Rotterdam Film Festival before screenings at FrightFest in UK and Dublin Horrorthon in Ireland. In 2019 I AM TOXIC was nominated for the Melies Award for Best Latin American Fantasy Film with a special Blood Window presentation at Cannes Film Festival.

Sergio Podeley is an Argentine actor and acting teacher in constant growth, developing today his career between Argentina and Ecuador. He plays the role of “GRIS” (Gray) in I AM TOXIC, one of the merciless wild men surviving the post-apocalyptic land where the story is set.

Below Sergio tells us all about his favorite horror film:

“A horror film I like a lot is Freddy vs. Jason. These two characters are for me the horror heroes I grew up with. They are the horror biggest stars for me, as Arnold and Sylvester represent that top for me in action movies. I choose this film as my favourite because for my inner child, it means a lot to see these two together in one film. I remember getting together with my two brothers, our father and our mother in the big bed, in my parents’ room. We were there in winter time, under the blankets, enjoying Freddy’s movies and Jason’s movies, they both kept us with full attention to the screen, not blinking at all, and holding our parents’ arms. Those are great memories, horror that marked my childhood.”

Read our review HERE I AM TOXIC can be purchased on DVD from AmazonHMV, ZavviDeffBase and will also be available to stream and download from Sky Store, Amazon Prime and Apple TV.


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