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This Autumn, fans, aficionados and collectors are in for a treat as horror maestro George A. Romero’s long-awaited, highly anticipated Dawn of the Dead, finally gets the home entertainment release it deserves. To celebrate this we chat to Helicopter Zombie himself Jim Krut.

Widely acknowledged to be one of the greatest horror films of all time, this seminal work has been painstakingly restored and arrives in two separate format releases: Dawn Of The Dead Limited Edition 4K UHD and Dawn Of The Dead Limited Edition Blu-ray on 16 November 2020.

Both Box Sets arrive in stunning packaging featuring the original iconic poster art plus newly commissioned artwork inside. These include a whopping four discs – with three versions of the film: The Theatrical Cut, The Extended (‘Cannes’) Cut and The Argento Cut, plus stacks of special features that take in new and archive interviews, including the previously unreleased The Lost Romero Dawn Interview. With commentaries and documentaries galore, soundtrack CDs and a stunning brand new 160-page hardback book Dissecting the Dead complete with brand new writing, this is a veritable treasure trove and a must have for any collector.

The film originally arrived 10 years after the seminal Night of the Living Dead and ushered in a new era of zombie films. It showed Romero once again ahead of the curve, mixing biting political satire with state-of-the-art-gore for a genre defining masterpiece that packs as much of a punch today as it did 40 years ago.

With a zombie epidemic escalating, a small band of survivors seek refuge in that shrine to capitalism, the shopping mall. But the undead, still possessed by an instinctive desire to consume, have had the same idea…What follows is a nail-biting thrill-ride and fight to survive. Oh, and watch out for those helicopter blades!

Below Jim Krut talks about his favourite horror film THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON:

“Even though I love all the Universal monsters, the “Creature from the Black Lagoon” is still the one that appeals to me most. I think there is more sympathy for the “creature” or “Gill-Man” than for some of the humans who end up hunting the creature.

The Gill-Man’s own simplicity, curiosity and protective motivations are relatable. Compared to the greed, jealousy and ambition shown by the humans, this Creature comes across as more sympathetic than his pursuers.

There is a fluidity in the creature’s underwater movements, perhaps because Ricou Browning (who played the creature, but was not listed on the credits) reportedly could hold his breath for up to four minutes underwater. That reduced the need for breathing apparatus and reduced any air bubbles rising from an “underwater dweller.”

As a youngster, many horror films frightened me, but with the Creature I just wanted to see more. The makeup and costume design, the exotic Amazon setting, the black and white film itself all contributed to the package. The movie’s hunt for fossilized critters long thought extinct touched the latent explorer and geologist in me.

Meeting both Ricou Browning and the late Julie Adams in person was my fanboy dream come true!

This 1954 black and white classic film holds its own over the decades for its storyline, special effects, make up and characters.

When a driven geologist unearths an ancient hand embedded in a cliff face in the Amazon, it results in a new expedition. Death ensues among two hapless expedition workers, yet the crew delves deeper into the possible source of the archaic hand.

The search leads them into a remote lagoon, a quiet body of water unspoiled for millennia. It is there they encounter the lagoon’s denizen, the Gill-Man, as the creature is called. The conflict between a new species, a webbed man-like creature who protects his lair, and the curious and conflicted crew, drive an action-packed and well-paced movie.

The Gill-Man is one of Universal’s classic creatures, most of whom struck fear as predators, dangerous life-forms or just plain evil.

Originally available in limited release as an early 3D film, “The Creature from the Black Lagoon” was followed one year later by a less robust “Revenge of the Creature” and then two years later by a more predictable sequel, “The Creature Walks Among Us.” Neither sequel takes away from the original’s impact, insights and durability.The original remains my favorite.

Above is a photo with me and Ricou Browning, along with my little friend “Creech” who travels to many conventions with me. Yes, the fanboy in me is unrelenting!”

Second Sight Films presents the horror release to end all horror releases Dawn of the Dead Limited Edition which comes to 4K UHD and Blu-ray on 16th November.
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