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Our latest Horror Favourite is from Raine McCormack director of the upcoming independent British folk-horror feature, The Village In The Woods. The film will be available On Demand and download across all major digital platforms from 14th October including iTunes, Sky Store, Amazon and Google Play

Starring Richard Hope (Poldark, Broadchurch), Rebecca Johnson (The Trip, The Flood) and Therese Bradley (Tommy’s Honour, Peaky Blinders), this feature is the debut from Soho-based Production company Brake3. The Village In The Woods tells the story of Coopers Cross, a remote, murky village, whose inhabitant’s survival relies on luring unsuspecting guests. A rising tension climaxes in a dark, twisted ending.

Commenting on the release, Director Raine McCormack said: “This is my dark, love letter to 70’s cinema and I’m really excited to finally share this unique, atmospheric folk-horror. ”

Raine McCormack’s journey into film making has been eclectic, varied and full of highs and lows. From beginnings in music inc. working with, albeit briefly, Jack Irons, (Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers) to running around in a motion capture suit on Bryan Singer’s Jack the Giant Slayer.

His directorial debut – folk-horror feature, The Village In The Woods, releases across all major Digital Download platforms October 14th. Below Raine tells us all about his favourite horror film:

“A firm horror movie favourite for me is, ’Don’t Look Now’. It’s an absolute masterpiece that builds on tension and dread as opposed to fright and gore. The skilfully constructed, yet fragmented edit builds beautifully to its final pay off. The uncertainty that the picture conjures is spell binding. Nicolas Roeg was a genius.

Another one for me is Lars Von Trier’s, ’Anti-Christ’. It’s a powerful piece of horror filmmaking. It’s equal mix of beauty and terror creates a very unnerving, viewing experience.

The fact these movies rely on tension and dread as opposed to ‘quick fix’ gore is testament to the director’s skills… Very creepy movies!”

The Village In The Woods will be available on Digital Download from 14th October across iTunes, Sky Store, Amazon and Google Play. https://www.facebook.com/thevillageinthewoods.movie @village_movie #TVITW


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