Unrestricted Views from Matt Frame Director of Camp Death III in 2D

Returning to make the Halloween period all the more petrifying the Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival is back running from the 29th October to the 4th November, and so is our Unrestricted Views bringing you an insight to the people behind the fantastic fright fest of films on show.

Below we talk to Matt Frame Director of Camp Death III in 2D which screens on 1st November 4.15pm. Get your tickets Here

Tell us about your film?
My film is entitled ‘Camp Death III in 2D!’ and is a Canadian low budget ($35k) horror-comedy parody of the Friday the 13th series. It is 82 minutes of pure stupidity & we are very proud of that fact!

How did you get into making horror movies?
I was an obsessed horror fan during my adolescence in the 1980’s. A few years back I had helped my comedian friend (Gerald Gerald Geraldson) shoot a series of horror/comedy skits for his comedy special ‘One Night Stab.’ It was infinitely more fun than making documentaries of which I had already made two: ‘Baghdad or Bust (2004)’ & ‘No Joke (2011).’ So…’Camp Death III’ is the result.

What is your view on horror in 2018 and how would you change it?
No opinion, to be perfectly honest. I am stuck in the 80’s when it comes to horror so I tend not to watch many new releases.

What is your favourite horror film and why?
Halloween III: Season of the Witch. Music and cinematography are fantastic. Mood of Santa Mira
beyond claustrophobic. Storyline (lack of ‘The Shape’) had zero effect on me. When I saw it on home video (at the age of 10) I had no knowledge of the previous two films nor of Michael Meyers. I took it at face value and thought it was amazing!

If Hollywood came knocking and gave you anything you wanted what movie would you make and who would it star?
The only film I have interest in making next to is the sequel. It’s entitled ‘Camp Death III Part 2, in 3D!’ With a bit of a budget we could do it properly the 2nd time around!

Watch out for more Unrestricted Views soon and buy tickets at www.unrestrictedview.co.uk/


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