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After receiving its World premiere at Raindance yesterday shocking new horror Daddy’s Girl has been causing quite a stir but where did this serial killer thriller come from?

Turns out the story and script came from writer Tim Hill and this in fact marks his first feature. Set in the deep south, Daddy’s Girl follows the plight of Zoe, a young woman held captive by her stepfather after the suicide of her mother. An Iraq war veteran and serial killer, he uses Zoe as bait to lure new victims until a rookie cop and a female vigilante come to her rescue. The cast includes Jemma Dallender (I spit On Your Grave II), Costas Mandylor (Saw), Britt McKillip (Trick r Treat) and Jesse Moss (Still/Born).

After hearing from director Julian Richards about his favourite horror film (Check it out HERE) we were lucky enough to get Tim Hill to tell us all about his as well:

“Obviously, as a fan of horror, I have a cannon of perennial favorites from Halloween and Texas Chainsaw Massacre to Evil Dead and American Werewolf in London. The list goes on. But if you asked me what movie resonates with me each time I sit down to write I would have to say Brad Anderson’s SESSION 9.

This movie does everything a horror movie should do. It is simple and spare. The setting is a character. There are no monsters. Just people. People who have the monsters hiding deep inside of them. What better place to bring this out than a defunct insane asylum teeming with its own ghosts and monsters?

Much like many of the best horror films, Session 9 creates bucketfuls of tension and dread through the sound design. The water drips and silence of the sentient asylum juxtaposed with the jarring generators and heavy machinery of the work crew. The most disturbing of these elements being the set of 9 session tapes of a young woman plagued by multiple personality disorder. These tapes create a haunting thru-line that parallels Gordon’s descent from a once doting Husband/Father to a man broken by stress and pushed past the point of sanity to murder. The final tape is also the final nail in the coffin – when the last personality is revealed and we learn “I live in the weak and wounded” – this is the penultimate moment that resonates far past the final shot of the film. It is this idea that evil is just lurking, waiting for that moment to seep its way in through the cracks that keeps me writing far into the dark recesses of the night.”

Check out the trailer for Daddy’s Girl below:


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