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Serial killers are a recurring theme in director Julian Richards work, which includes The Last Horror Movie and Shiver and his latest film is no exception. Set in the deep south, DADDY’S GIRL, which gets its World premiere at Raindance, is a psychological horror that follows the plight of Zoe, a young woman held captive by her stepfather after the suicide of her mother.

An Iraq war veteran and serial killer, he uses Zoe as bait to lure new victims until a rookie cop and a female vigilante come to her rescue. The cast includes Jemma Dallender (I spit On Your Grave II), Costas Mandylor (Saw), Britt McKillip (Trick r Treat) and Jesse Moss (Still/Born).

Below Julian tells us all about his favorite horror film the brilliant HAUTE TENSION A.K.A SWITCHBLADE ROMANCE

“The horror film that I often think about, particularly when I am preparing to direct a horror film is Alexandre Aja’s HAUTE TENSION. The film is a collage of extraordinary ideas, wether it be grande guignol, like the severed head blow job at the start of the film, or giallo, like the power tool disembowelment towards the end. The killer, in dark brown boiler suit with face hidden by baseball cap and mirror shades is classic stalk and slash but at the heart of the film is an ingredient more typical of a French drama, a young woman sexually obsessed with her best friend.

All good horror films have a terrific score, and Haute Tension is no exception. The use of New Born by Muse throughout the film helps mould these ingredients together, creating a deeply subjective, dreamlike quality that stays with you long after the end credits. Not everybody liked the twist, that the protagonist and killer are one and the same, and some feel that the plot, particularly the car chase, does not hold up to retrospective scrutiny, but for me its all a nightmare in a damaged brain, so does not require that level of explanation. It’s worth pointing out that both actresses in the film went on to win prestigious awards at the Cannes Film Festival. Dardenne Brothers The Kid With The Bike starring Cecile De France won The Grand Prize OF The Jury and Maiwenn’s Polisse won the Jury Prize.”

DADDY’S GIRL will receive its World premiere at Raindance on Monday October 1st at 8pm.
Check out the trailer below:


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