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Warren Speed is the film-maker behind the trashy B-movie cult favourites ‘Zombie Women of Satan 1 & 2’, but his latest horror ‘Coulrophobia’ is a much darker and more intense film – focussing on a group of kick-ass roller derby girls who go camping in the remote Scottish highlands, only to end up fighting for their lives after being abducted by an isolated family of insane ex-circus performers.

Below Warren tells us all about his favorite horror film as part of our ongoing Horror Favourites series

“I’ve been watching horror films since I was thirteen years old back in 1980, but I would say that if I had to choose my favourites it would be the first two Rob Zombie movies – ‘House of a 1000 Corpses’ and ‘The Devil’s Rejects’. I love Rob’s music and his first pair of films really captured the whole essence of his band and his vibe. Weird, unpredictable and in your face! And the fact that a lot of his own songs are in the movie, for me, just adds to the whole freaky ‘Grindhouse’ ambience and excellence.

But I don’t love the movies purely due to his music, I love them because both of them are just so ‘up my alley’ so to speak! Bizarre characters, great songs, a bad ass clown, burlesque horror – everything about both of them I just love to pieces !! I know a lot of horror fans think both of these movies are crap, and of those who do like them most seem to prefer the second one. However, if I had to choose I would go for the first one ‘House of a 1000 Corpses’ … it’s more raw and visceral and has some great set pieces. And in ‘Otis B Driftwood’ (who my Great Dane is named after), ‘Captain Spaulding’ and ‘Baby’ … Mr. Zombie created some iconic movie characters !!

I was lucky enough to act alongside Bill “Otis B Driftwood” Moseley and Michael Berryman (who is in ‘ Devils Rejects’) in an as-yet-unreleased British horror movie called ‘Shed of the Dead’, and it was a fan boy moment for sure meeting them both !!!”

Warren’s third movie ‘Coulrophobia’ is available for purchase (on DVD and VOD), from Nov 13 via www.taxiforotis.com

And you can check out the kickstarter campaign for his planned fourth film ‘Dirty Tuppence’ (a comedy horror about the world’s most deluded rock band, a useless serial killer and a pair of inept private investigators) at www.kickstarter.com/projects/787464403/dirty-tuppence-the-movie


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