Unrestricted Views from Gary Smart producer, writer and co-director of The Offer

The amazing Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival is back for its second year, running from the 30th October to the 5th November, and so is our Unrestricted Views bringing you an insight to the people behind the fantastic fright fest of films on show.

Below we talk to Gary Smart producer, writer and co-director of The Offer which screens on the 4th of November at 7.30pm. Get your tickets HERE

Love Horror: Tell us about your film?
Gary Smart: The Offer is the pilot episode of our new Dark Ditties series. It tells the story of seven strangers including young woman Gabbie and used-car salesman Bishop as they are invited to an abandoned mansion to compete in an innocent ‘game’ to win £10,000,000. Along with the other guests they have no idea who their Host is and what his really intentions are.

Love Horror: How did you get into making horror movies?
Gary Smart: I’ve been a huge fan of horror since as long as I can remember. Over the last few years I have written and produced a number of books and documentaries on some classic horror movies such as Hellraiser, Hellbound: Hellraiser II, Fright Night, The Return of the Living Dead and Stephen King’s IT. It was a natural next step for my team and I to start working on a narrative film and The Offer was the perfect opportunities to work with some of the amazing people we met whilst making our documentaries.

Love Horror: What is your view on horror in 2017 and how would you change it?
Gary Smart: I’m pretty happy with horror in 2017, it’s very cool to see horror become mainstream again. When I was growing up in the 80s and 90s horror was seen as a cheap, dirty thing that was shock and gore and mainly hit straight to video. This new wave of horror which we’ve seen an influx of since the early 2000s has really given horror some credibility again. The recent released of ‘IT’ has shown that horror can be extremely profitable for studios too.

Love Horror: What is your favourite horror film and why?
Gary Smart: My favourite horror will always be Dan O’Bannon’s The Return of the Living Dead released in 1985. I first watched the film when I was around 9-years-old and was hooked straight away. I love Romero’s ‘dead’ movies but for me ‘Return’ just changed the rules of the zombie genre and turned it on its head. I mean who doesn’t like fast-talking-brain munching zombies?

Love Horror: If Hollywood came knocking and gave you anything you wanted what movie would you make and who would it star?
Gary Smart: I’d love to work on something like ‘The Offer’. A film that is both horror and very dark comedy and really has character at the heart of it. It would be a psychological horror with gore and humour added to the mix. Big names don’t appeal to me but I’d love to work with some genre icons such as Robert Englund and Malcolm McDowall (however cliché that may sound).

The Offer screens on the 4th of November at 7.30pm
Read about the Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival and buy tickets at www.unrestrictedview.co.uk/


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