Horror Favourites – Mike Flanagan & Trevor Macy

After our exclusive interview Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy the director and producer of Gerald’s Game the latest Stephen King adaptation to hit Netflix tell us all about their favourite horror films.

Trevor Macy: My favourite scary movie is The Thing by Carpenter which I think is by way of chronology the first truly scary movie that I saw. Although I also love The Changeling and The Exorcist.

Mike Flanagan: Of all time is really hard, damn it! Okay the last great horror movie that I watched that I recommend to a lot of people all the time is a little Australian movie called Lake Mungo. What it does with imagination and forcing you to scare yourself instead of being explicit with what it shows I think is brilliant. It really flew under the radar and whenever I recommend it to people they have never heard of it which is pretty cool. I talk about it all the time. That film has stuck with me for years now what 3 years?

Trevor Macy: More than that I think that was released in 2008?

Mike Flanagan: Wow, I’m so old!

Read our full interview with Mike Flanagan & Trevor Macy HERE and the rest of our Horror Favourites right HERE
Gerald’s Game is available exclusively only on Netflix now!


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