Horror Favourites – Joanne Mitchell

Horror favourites Joanne Mitchell

Joanne Mitchell the creator, actress and producer of Adult Babies and star of Before Dawn and Bait is an actress who knows her horror. Part of a UK horror power couple with husband Dominic Brunt this lady loves all things spooky, scary and set to shock making her a perfect candidate for our Horror Favourites feature.

“This is a hard one as there are just so many out there that are brilliant and have made an impression on me over the years” Joanne said “So, I am going to choose two!” and as it was her we let her off!

“The first film I’ve chosen is ‘The Shining’, a film that has always stayed with me since I first watched it as a teenager. I’m not sure how much I understood it at the time but it definitely found its way into my subconscious and it’s a film I have never got bored of. For me it is thriller, drama, horror, slasher all rolled into one. And the images it portrays are just astounding, helped along with incredible set design and cinematography. I don’t think there is one scene that I don’t remember, vividly. I loved the sometimes unusual relationships between the characters, the deterioration of them and the glimmer of hope at the tragic mystical end. It’s a film that keeps you continually thinking, wondering and guessing. I see it in every long corridor, mountain, rambling old hotel and small child riding his three wheeler bike. The power of this film is immense on so many levels. I could go on and on as many people often and quite rightly do!”

“My second choice is ‘The Babadook’ – again because it made a huge impression on me and stayed within my subconscious. The film took me on such an emotional journey. This may be for a few reasons: I too have a young child, not dissimilar to the boy in the movie, I too was sleep deprived, and I too knew what it was like to question one’s sanity when the tiredness became overwhelming. I also know about children’s imagination, their imaginary friends, how they think they hear things that aren’t there and how they love a good story. I thought ‘The Babadook’ encapsulated all the grief, fear, anger, anxiety, darkness brilliantly and the mother son relationship I thought was very real and quite beautiful. For me it was definitely a psychological film, but the actual Babadook was terrifying and menacing. A thing of nightmares, literally. When I found out it was Jennifer Kent’s feature film directorial debut, it inspired me. I’m looking forward to her next feature which I gather is in production.”

Joanne Mitchell’s next film, Adult Babies, which she has created, produced and stars in comes out later in the year.


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