Volition (2019) Review

Gifted with the ability to see events before they happen, young James is left devastated when he is unable to save his mother from being killed because his visions are ignored and no action is taking.

As James grows he utilises his abilities to some benefit, making small profits from gambling and dabbling in all manner of unsavoury practices, mixing with some dodgy characters in the process.

Though his powers are soon seen as being an ‘affliction’ rather than a gift, he is seen as a valuable resource. And when he is asked to help a local crook help facilitate a big diamond deal it feels like James may be on the bring of a big pay-off that could herald the beginning of a period of positive change. This is reinforced by the arrival of a mesmerising, somehow familiar girl that he immediately finds a connection with.

Volition 2019

Sadly for the star-crossed pair though, the deal quickly turns sour and they are forced to flee with ruthless gangsters in hot pursuit. And as James’ dark visions of the inevitable ending to their escapades haunt him, he finds that he must finally uncover the origins of his clairvoyant abilities to stand a chance of survival.

Though obviously not one of the higher budget films on offer at FrightFest 2019, Volition is still one of the more memorable ones. What it lacks in terms of glitz and big names, it makes up for with great pace and good ideas, topped with an unexpected twist or two.

There’s a lot to like about Volition, from its time-hopping, Memento-like format – which leads the viewer to assume the role of detective, to its abrasive gangster edge, making it somewhat reminiscent of films like Tarantino’s True Romance.

Volition 2019

The end result is a well delivered sci-fi film that succeeds in holding the audiences attention by delivering a constant change of direction.

The script and characters that are both engaging and credible. And the cast, though little known, all play an active role in keeping this tale of fantasy grounded in a setting of gritty reality, no doubt steered heavily by the determination and enthusiasm of writer/director, Tony Dean-Smith.

Volition 2019

Voltition is one of those gems that often shows to shine at fab fests like FrightFest, shimmering with promise, ingenuity and proving that a good idea can lead to a film that stands tall with the (bigger budgeted) competition.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ½ ☆ 



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