Southbound (2016) Review

They say life is one long highway that is travelled each day until finally your destination is reached and you’re laid to rest. Deep stuff eh? I bet you’re wondering to yourself, what is this man on? Folks, I’m on nothing but fear and adrenaline from the DVDs those kind folks at Love Horror send to me out in the sticks.

They figure it’s best to keep me preoccupied watching and reviewing DVDs, which they hope will then stop me popping out at night and abducting people and locking them in my basement. Hasn’t worked yet, but the noise from the DVDs playing on my 50 inch screen blocks out the screaming from down there. Thanks guys! Anyway, I digress, let’s get on with the film folks!

We begin our horror anthology with the tale The Way In. Two men are on the run from their past followed by what can only be described as floating Grim Reapers. What have they done to be followed by these hideous apparitions and will they manage to escape or will Death become them?


Next up is Sirens. A band are on their way to a gig, when they experience a flat tyre. It looks as if all hope is lost and they will never reach their gig now. Poor things. Anyway, a kindly couple driving past offer them a bed for the night and to help find them a mechanic who can change their tyre and get them on their way. The girls take this kind offer, little realising that this could possibly be the biggest mistake of their lives, or is it?22222222

In The Accident a driver has decided to completely ignore the ban on using mobile phones whilst driving and runs over a young girl. Faced with the decision of driving off or finding a hospital, he does the right thing and phones 911. They direct him to a hospital, which appears abandoned. With no doctors there to help save the life of the road traffic accident victim, he is guided by a paramedic on how to perform the right surgery to save the young girl’s life. Or is he?…..

Jailbreak leads us into a tale of a man on a quest to resuce his sister from demonic forces. He manages to locate the town where she has been held captive and it is through abducting a demon himself that he manages to gain access to his sister and break her free from the clutches of the devil and his children. Or does he?

Finally, there appears to be The Way Out! Mom, Dad and their daughter are harassed by masked men who are intent on getting revenge on the murder of a loved one by one of the family members. Will any of them escape and live to tell the tale? As normal, watch the DVD and you’ll find out for sure!!!


What did you think of Southbound?

Southbound reminded me a little of The Twilight Zone series in as much as no tale was the same and morals are meant to be learned from watching each short. I was reminded of the town of Santa Mira in Halloween III when watching each short story, as each person in the story was relatively normal compared to the people they encountered. The town was downright spooky too. I certainly wouldn’t want to holiday there thank you very much!!!

The short films all flow into one another and characters and stories are intertwined to give you a feeling of the film flowing throughout. The direction is great and the only short I was disappointed with to be honest was The Way In, as it felt far too short compared to all the other shorts presented during the 1.5 hours screen time. However, when watching the whole film this will make sense once you reach the final short The Way Out.


I was impressed by the cinematography of each short as a sense of dread was achieved outside in the scorching sun and blazing sunlight and even when we entered the dark and dense world of bars and hospitals in the dead of night. Special FX were pretty cool considering the budget of Southbound and a lot of attention and care has been taken in ensuring those viewing each short are either shocked or disturbed by what they encounter on screen.


Would you buy Southbound yourself?

I would certainly buy Southbound myself as I enjoyed every short and their little plot twists and shock elements presented to me. No story was the same and you genuinely believed the actors were experienced all the trials and tribulations they faced. I recommend Southbound to lovers of anthology movies, low budget guts and gore and weirdos. You won’t be disappointed!

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ★ ☆ 



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