Hammer presents… Wake Wood

wake woodYeah, you read it right, HAMMER.
And not that tired old rapper Hammer, the classic, British, horror institution Hammer.

Wake Wood centres around a mysterious village (of the same name) where the locals are a bit skilled with the old pagan magic. Using these skills, they can bring back people from the dead for a short period of time to say their good-byes to loved ones.
However, things go a bit wrong when a new couple move in to town after the death of their daughter. They are keen to bring their daughter back, but aren’t so keen to let go again after three days and this causes all sorts of problems.

wake wood

Having the Hammer branding, this film has a lot to live up to!

Wake Wood will be hitting the big screens in March. Expect more info from us soon.

Check out the trailer here:


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