Film4 Frightfest Halloween All-Nighter

frightfest all nighter Just when we finally get over the fact that Frightfest is over and come to terms with the loss, the Frightfest team hit us with this latest bit of excellent news.

Yep, they’re planning another night of fun with a bunch of horror films which will be shown on All Hallows Eve and take you right through the witching hour. It’s hard to think of a better way to spend Halloween.

frightfest all nighter

From the press release:

Revenge Japanese style, American psychos, sharks, cannibal girls and
a Finnish nightmare before Christmas – it can only be Film4 FrightFest’s
Halloween all-nighter event – taking place this year at the Empire
Cinema 2, Leicester Square on Saturday October 30, 2010.

A fantastic line-up of world or UK premieres, sneak previews and a Retro
Classic to scare you, dazzle you, make you jump and creep you out.

Kicking things off at 6pm in spectacular fashion we have one of the best films
of the year – Japan’s official Oscar contender CONFESSIONS. This twisted
revenge saga, directed by ‘KAMIKAZE GIRLS’ Tetsuya Nakashima will take
your breath away. Not since Park Chan-Wook’s VENGEANCE trilogy has the
psychological warfare of crime and punishment been so brilliantly or elegantly
brought to stark life.

Then it’s up, up and away with ALTITUDE, a remarkably taut Twilight Zone-
style tale about high flying teenagers trapped in a deadly showdown with
an airborne supernatural force. Next is this year’s Cannes sensation –
director Gustavo Hernandez’s haunted house shocker THE SILENT HOUSE.


The Midnight Madness slot goes to CHOOSE – to jolt you into Sunday. Scarlip
is the new games master on the shock block in our highly anticipated World
Premiere presentation. Then, to follow, there’s grief on THE REEF in the
scariest shark chiller since JAWS, the latest wilderness survival thriller from
BLACK WATER director Andrew Traucki.

If you’re feeling a bit dozy at this point, it’s time to face ‘The Picture with
the WARNING BELL!’ FrightFest proudly presents our 2010 retro classic,
Ivan (GHOSTBUSTERS) Reitman’s CANNIBAL GIRLS in all its gruesome
gimmick and gag glory. And we finish off with a Finnish fairytale currently
garnering ecstatic world-of-mouth on the festival circuit. RARE EXPORTS: A
CHRISTMAS TALE is unlike any Santa Claus movie you’ve ever seen before.

Tickets cost £50 and go on sale on Saturday October 2. To book call 08 714
714 714 or go online to: For full programme &
timetable log onto


Tom Atkinson

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