W4free offers free horror movies throughout October

W4free Halloween

The recently launched UK AVOD platform W4Free has a month of spooky spectacles on offer for its users this month. And the best bit is, they’re all free to watch!

Throughout October, W4Free will be making available a host of horrors including Bobcat Goldthwait’s critcally-acclamied Bigfoot parody Willow Creek, Bruce McDonald’s Pontypool, Adam Green’s blood-spattered slasher Hatchet and Elfie Hopkins, a twisted tale of cannibalism starring Jamie and Ray Winstone. All of these titles are free to stream via the W4free App.

Other notable horror films on the platform include the creepy, invasive shocker Splinter, the seasonally appropriate The Houses of Halloween, the twisted, Saw-esque 2009 release The Collector and NZ comedy horror Black Sheep.

The entertainment service, which also provides TV series and documentaries, can be accessed on all mobile devices and via Apple TV, Swisscon TV Box and Sky Ticket. It has also recently launched on Netgem TV in the UK and Ireland.

With all of those titles to choose from, there’s no good reason to not gorge yourself on horror this Halloween!



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