Scream 4 back for more

Scream 4 is currently in production and set to hit US screens next year. This may or may not excite you.
Scream was undoubtedly a fun movie, but by the third installment, it was all quite uninspiring. Let’s hope that Wes Craven has found a way to breathe like back into this lifeless corpse of a movie.

Scream 4 is set to bring us some new faces (most of the cast are usually killed off aren’t they?), and some old ones too. New to the cast are Emma Roberts (Valentine’s Day), Hayden Panettiere (Heroes), and Adam Brody (The OC). Coming back for the 4th (and probably final) are Courtney Cox, Neve Campbell, and David Arquette.

The story takes up 10 years after the 3rd film in the series. Sydney Pescott (Campbell) has become a successful writer and is out promoting her latest book on the road for promotion. She decides to stop off at her home town of Woodsboro to see buddies Gail (Cox) and Dewey (Arquette). Predictably, there is another familiar face in town, the masked murderer.

Teaser trailer:


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