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Swamp Thing (1982) Review

Taking a look at the current cinema schedules and shows available on our streaming services it is hard to remember a time before comic book superheroes ruled our screens. The crazy thing is it wasn’t that long ago and even more importantly any superhero films that did emerge were seen as either purely for kids […]Read More

100 Pages of Horror – Hell Comes to Hollywood II

Having loved Eric Miller‘s Hell Comes to Hollywood I was more than happy to hear there was a sequel and hoped it would disprove the usual rule of thumb that all follow ups are failures. Thankfully it was brilliant and contained just as many chilling and cruel tales of cinema as the first, making it […]Read More

Horror Channel brings in New Year with Wes Craven season

Throughout January, Saturday nights at 9pm will be devoted to a WES CRAVEN SEASON as Horror Channel presents a retrospective of the late great genre director’s career. Four of his supernatural shockers and scream-filled slashers wlll be broadcast, including the network premieres of serial killer chiller MY SOUL TO TAKE, his macabre masterpiece THE SERPENT […]Read More

The Hills Have Eyes (1977) Review

Firstly let me admit that I saw Alexandre Aja 2006 remake of The Hills Have Eyes way before the original and was far from impressed by it. To me the tale of cannibal hicks pitted in a battle to the death with a family far from home seemed generic and unoriginal.Read More