Saw is ‘most successful horror’

It’s official. Saw is the most successful horror series of all time. And to state the fact, the Guiness editor will be awarding it the World record on Friday!

The six films, that were intially viewed as being too harsh for audiences to stomach have made a total of $733m (£472m) at the box office.

Although there are other horror franchises that have spawned plenty of sequels (Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street etc) none have managed the box office success that the Saw films have achieved.

made its debut in 2004, and a new film has been released for Halloween every year since.
The seventh and final instalment, which will be shown in 3D, is due out on 29 October.

Horror films at the box office

* Halloween (10 films, 1978-2009) – $367m
* A Nightmare On Elm Street (nine films, 1984-2009) – $447m
* Friday the 13th (12 films, 1980-2009) – $465m
* Scream (three films, 1996-2000) – $507m
* Saw (six films, 2004-2009) – $733m

Source BBC


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