Slender Man Slated for an August 2018 Release

Upcoming supernatural horror film Slender Man left excited fans disappointed earlier this year when its release date was pushed back for the foreseeable. Originally slated to come out on May 18th, the film’s cinematic debut was postponed but we can now confirm that you can still expect it to hit your screen in 2018.

The movie, which is based on the pop culture character of the same name, will focus on a small town, where five unwitting teenage girls carry out a ritual to summon the urban legend: a tall, thin, and terrifying figure. Not until one of the girls goes missing does the action really pick up its pace, with the remaining four left to wonder which one of them will be next…

All the hallmarks of a classic horror

Year after year, a whole host of horror movies are released, with many of them quickly fading from our memories. It takes a truly stand-out tale to make a more permanent mark on us, and it’s possible that Slender Man might just be it.

Possessing all of the hallmarks of a classic horror, Slender Man draws its inspiration from the urban legend created by Victor Surge. A tall, faceless figure in a black suit, Slender Man began his life as a creepypasta internet meme in 2009. Notorious for stalking, abducting, and traumatising his victims, this contemporary creation quickly inspired numerous works of fiction.

Slenderman movie 2018

His impact on popular culture has been extensive. An internet icon and character in video games such as Slender: The Eight Pages and Slender: The Arrival, this odd figure is part of a fandom built around mysterious characters and cryptids – strange creatures that haunt the night. Along with monsters like Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head and the Reptoids, the titular lizard men in a game for online slots lovers in the UK, Slender Man’s mystique arguably comes from the fact that he’s identifiably human – yet not at all.

Little wonder, then, that someone seized on this popularity and identified this tall and terrifying creation as the perfect titular character in a film made to scare.

Mounting excitement

Slenderman posterDespite being pushed back from its original May release date, Slender Man is still scheduled to come out in cinemas in 2018, only in summer rather than spring. Set to hit screens on August 24th, there are many who are excited to see it.

Speculation surrounding the film has been enhanced by the first teaser poster and trailer, which were both released in January. Earning significant acclaim, these appear to have impressed most of those who’ve seen them – a promising sign that the movie itself should live up to the hype.

Set to bring a classic horror figure to the big screen for the first time, Slender Man really does have all of the ingredients necessary to produce thrills, spills, and screams galore: a group of too-cool-for-school teenage friends, an urban legend, and lots of dark and brooding cinematography.

Promising some good old-fashioned frights and a tried and tested formula, we think it’s going to be well worth a watch so, come August 24th, you know exactly where you’ll find us. Maybe we’ll see you there too – just make sure you’re prepared to be scared!



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