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Following the short viral video, which became a YouTube sensation and the most successful viral video of 2015, director Erdal Ceylan and writer/producer Paul Burton collaborate for Ceylan’s directorial debut, the terrifyingly good SELFIE FROM HELL, coming to DVD and Digital Download now.

When vlogger Julia falls under the influence of a strange and sudden illness, her cousin Hannah grows suspicious of Julia’s research into the elusive darknet, believing it could be linked to the bizarre sickness. When online chatter about a curse turns out to be true, Hannah finds herself immersed deep in a place where terror knows no end.

Starring Alyson Walker (The Burning Kiss), Tony Giroux (Minority Reports), Meelah Adams (Break) and Ian Butcher (Robocop) and directed by Erdal Ceylan in association with production and distribution company IndustryWorks Pictures.

SELFIE FROM HELL is available on Digital Download and DVD on now


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