Straight from Frightfest a hilarious Smear-test comedy-horror short

By far on of the best horror shorts to come out of this years FrightFest Short Film showing was the hilarious comedy-horror Smear.

“The idea for “Smear” came about when I had my first smear test. A friend of mine advised me that it would basically be the “worst feeling in your life” … it really wasn’t” said director Kate Herron “I kicked around the idea of exploring this anxiety for a few years then brought it to my writing partner who also had a similar story. We were surprised doing research that a high number of women put off smear tests from being nervous about the pain and embarrassment of it.

There’s been such a brilliant wave of female authored horror stories recently with films like Raw, The Babadook and I felt inspired to work within the horror genre to use this as a way to explore this common anxiety, inspired by some of my favourite creature movies like Tremors, Gremlins and Little Shop of Horrors… tentacle puppets felt like the natural choice. I made SMEAR with my writing partner Briony Redman and producer Douglas Cox (Dawn of the Deaf) who I am currently working on my beauty pageant horrror-comedy feature, MISS UNIVERSE with.”

SMEAR stars Sophia Di Martino (Flowers) in the lead and supporting we have a tonne of british comedians inculding Nick Mohammed (Ed-fringe hit Mr Swallow). It was shot by Nicola Daley ASC, score by Emmy-nominated composer Patrick Jonsson and on tentacles Dan Martin (High Rise, Free Fire).

TWITTER: @smearmovie

Try and track this down at Raindance, London Film Festival, Lund Fantastik where its showing and check out the trailer here:


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