WHERE THE SKIN LIES at FrightFest 2017

Six people, bound together by a traumatic experience, decide to celebrate the end of a year of therapy in style. They travel up to the Scottish Lowlands for a relaxing reunion weekend.

Soon a number of mysterious and horrifying events start to expose the cracks in their relationships. One by one they discover that trust runs but skin-deep and as day turns into night, not everyone will survive to see the dawn.

While respecting and playing with the conventions of the horror genre, such as building suspense and emotional tension, Michaël’s primary concerns are with the complexity of the relationships and the needs, wants and misconceptions of credible characters. Ultimately, the true horror is not the events which set everything in motion but the corruption of human motivation, through fear and the selfish need for self-preservation.

The World Premiere of WHERE THE SKIN LIES takes place a FrightFest 2017 SATURDAY 26TH AUGUST. Get your tickets HERE and watch the trailer below:


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